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Press release for Steel Magnolias!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Steel Magnolias Press Release

Filled with humour and heartbreak, ‘Steel Magnolias’ will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. ‘Steel Magnolias’ takes place in Truvy’s beauty salon in small town Chinquapin, Louisiana. Six witty and outspoken women tell their story of friendships, loves and losses, revealing their strengths and weaknesses through good times and bad.

Rivercity Players is very excited to bring this play to you, directed by Susan Wydenes. Susan has been active in Rivercity players and enjoys both acting and directing. This is her first time directing a full-length production. Susan loves this play, with its strong themes of resilience, love and friendship, and she has a deep affection for the women it portrays. She has thoroughly enjoyed diving deeply into ‘Steel Magnolias’ and nurturing her vision of the play. When asked how it’s been directing this play Susan said, “It’s been wonderful so far. I have a dedicated cast who support each other and the vision of the play. It has been exciting, even just halfway through to see the characters, the relationships and the story taking shape. We have a dedicated team supporting us as well and that has enabled us to focus on bringing the play to life.”

Kelly McDonald is incredibly excited to be playing Truvy. Steel Magnolias is one of her very favorite productions and she’s so thankful to Susan for casting her as the warm, sassy hairdresser. She can’t wait to bring you to Chinquapin Parish!

Kaela Elliott, playing Annelle, is one of Campbell River’s own. "Steel Magnolias” is her debut on stage. Kaela is excited and honoured by this opportunity to become involved with community theatre at Rivercity Players and hopes to continue growing her passion for the arts.

Michelle Lowe, playing Clairee, has enjoyed performing in the arts since the age of 5. She has been a member of Quadra Players and Rivercity Players and, after a 2 decade break from the stage, ‘Steel Magnolias’ seemed to call to her to get involved again. ‘Steel Magnolias’ is a production that Michelle is excited to be a part of.

Michelle Segal is playing Shelby. ‘Steel Magnolias’ is her second play with Rivercity Players, having performed as Elvira in Blithe Spirit last year. She is thrilled to be back in such a timeless play. Michelle finds acting a treat and serves up plenty of food for the soul.

Lynne Macara is playing the role of M’LYNN, she is happy to be appearing in ‘Steel Magnolias’ again, after playing the role of Annelle in Rivercity Players first production of the play many years ago. She has enjoyed her back stage and on stage theatrical experiences in Campbell River over the past 30 years, and looks forward to the next 30 years! She has found this a great cast to be a part of, and is grateful for the hardworking production team.

Shelagh Germyn is thrilled to be in ‘Steel Magnolias,’ playing the role of Ouiser. Her debut with Rivercity Players Theatre was back in the 1990’s, in a play called ‘Rumors’ by Neil Simon. While her return to the theatre has been a long time coming, Shelagh is excited to be back and to be working with a cast of talented actresses.

‘Steel Magnolias’ can be seen at Rivercity Stage, February 12—15 and 19-22 at 7:30 pm and February 16 and 23 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $20 and available online at or at Rivercity Stage on Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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