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Play Reading Committee!


The River City Players board is asks for volunteers to join a new reading committee whose task will be to assess plays and other theatrical presentations for future production.

Initially, until the Covid regulations are relaxed, the parameters of choices will begin by looking at monologues and other items suitable for streaming on line (with comedy being the main emphasis). As an initial effort, consideration is being given to production to be released during December as a ‘Christmas’ treat for members and potential future audiences.

Thereafter, it has been suggested that one-act plays be considered, especially those favouring very minimum sets. This would likely be followed by two or three act offerings of material when the threat of Covid has dissipated. These should be chosen to fill the theatre for a long run as soon as the current health crisis has passed and designed to help the recover lost revenue as a result of Covid.

Members of the new Reading committee will have the opportunity to read the works at home before coming together possibly for a group reading but certainly to discuss the works for potential recommendation to the board.

Please contact the Chairman of the Reading Committee below at to express your interest before the end 14th of November.

Alan E. Ball Chairman of the Reading Committee


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