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Dick Poulton set to play Jonas in upcoming production

Dick Poulton is set to take the stage this May in Rivercity's latest production Jonas and Barry in the Home.

Meet Dick....

Most recent production:

Before we relocated to Campbell River, we had written and produced our second night of sketch comedy called Saving BBC, a comedy show combing both classic and original British Sketches.

What are you enjoying about this play?

Developing camaraderie with fellow respected actors. This is a very clever and well written show that is a delight to work on.

How do you see your character?

Jonas is a pleaser. He spends his time trying to help Barry and Rosie. This act helps him discover the importance of family and friends.

Jonas and Barry in the Home by Norm Foster will be performed on Rivercity Stage starting May 5th. Tickets available at

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