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Dennis Hawkins-Bogle enjoys the challenge of portraying Barry

Dennis Hawkins-Bogle will perform in Rivercity Players' spring 2022 production of Norm Foster's Jonas and Barry in the Home starting May 5th, with shows at Rivercity Stage through May 15th.

Meet Dennis...

Most recent production:

\Most recently, I played Peter in Kayak.

What are you enjoying about this play?

I enjoy so much about this play! But I am enjoying the challenge of learning to portray a 67-year-old curmudgeon. Although a comedy, this play explores family dynamics, break-ups, friendship, aging, illness, and death. I also enjoy working with a creative team of actors, a director, and other technical theatre artists.

How do you see your character?

My character is a cranky old man. He grapples with challenges and life situations that many of us encounter, regardless of our age. My character "falls" into an "abyss," and through awareness and encouragement, changes his life to become more engaged and active.

Visit for showtimes and tickets.

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