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Audition Call

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Thanks to all who auditioned for Rivercity Players "KAYAK" to be presented February 2022.

It was a good turnout with some very nice reading.

We are still looking for a male actor aged 20-30 years.

Audition date for this role:

Sunday, December 5th

7pm at Rivercity Playhouse

KAYAK Alone on a vast stretch of water, Annie Iversen recounts the strange chain of events that left her stranded in her son’s old kayak. A doting suburban mother, Annie is blindsided when her son, Peter, falls in love with Julie, a passionate environmental activist. Unable to reconcile herself to Julie’s radical worldview, Annie struggles desperately to keep Peter from falling further into the young woman’s dangerous world. Climate change, S’mores, SUVs, and Noah’s Ark are all onstage as Annie sets out to save her son, and unwittingly throws herself into the path of events larger than she ever could have imagined. Touching and provocative, Kayak invites us all to confront our choices in the landscape of the growing environmental crisis.


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